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At Tokyo Waterfront City, we host events to enrich urban life with art, aiming to generate novel, appealing urban features.
To further disseminate the allure of the Tokyo Waterfront City, we will be hosting the "LOVE LIGHTPIA" by MIRRORBOWLER×Toshiaki Uchikoshi in conjunction with the SusHi Tech TOKYO 2024 event, which will be held mainly around the Tokyo Waterfront City.
MIRRORBOWLER, an installation art collective that creates artistic spaces with light and reflection, will adorn the Tokyo Waterfront City with resplendent artistry, inviting you into a luminous fantasy. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding ambiance these radiant artworks create, each casting its unique glow.


Dates: April 27th (Saturday) to May 26th (Sunday), 2024
Illumination Hours: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM *Subject to cancellation or changes in case of inclement weather.
Venue: Symbol Promenade Park Dream Plaza (Yume-no-Hiroba) 1-3 Aomi,Koto-ku,Tokyo
Hosted by: Tokyo Waterfront City International Promoting (Event Execution) Committee
(Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Ports and Harbors, Tokyo Rinkai Holdings Inc., Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation, and Tokyo Waterfront City Association)
Access: 1-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line or
3 minutes’ walk from Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line
Others: Environmentally friendly initiatives are being promoted in this project.
・Use of biodiesel fuel "B100" produced from waste cooking oil.
・Driftwood washed ashore and Use of plastic plates made from recycled waste plastic.


Symbol Promenade Park Dream Plaza (Yume-no-Hiroba) 1-3 Aomi,Koto-ku,Tokyo

Flowers in A Mirror, Moon in a Pond

A profound allegory of the seen but untouchable and the felt but inexpressible. Rooted in the essence of Japanese aesthetics cherished through the ages, this luminous garden invites you to observe, feel, and experience the diverse lights. The lotus, blossoming amidst the mud, symbolizes purity. The butterfly is an emblem of resurrection and immortality. The dry landscape garden is an evocation of nature and cosmos sans water. Even with the absence of tangible elements, our "imaginative powers" allow us to "conjure" the beauty and profundity within. As a testament to our responsibility to pass on finite resources to the next generations, we reinterpret the wisdom of our forebears, inviting you to immerse yourself in the myriad wonders of the natural world within the hallowed space of Japanese harmony, illuminated by the language of light.

The Lotus Pond
The Lotus Pond
At the entrance, a shimmering dry lotus pond exudes an ethereal quality and a palette of colors at any time of the day, captivating viewers of all ages and backgrounds without the need for description, transcending language barriers with its universal appeal.​
Egg of Hope ~Mille Fleur~
Egg of Hope ~Mille Fleur~
Butterflies epitomize transformation. Gathered, they ignite the fire of consciousness, taking flight into the future. As consciousness blossoms within them, these butterflies congregate, forming a colossal egg. What kind of future will hatch from these eggs brimming with consciousness? We aspire to nurture eggs filled with hope.​​
The Crystals
The Crystals
A vast expanse of floor adorned with the luminous blossoms of crystal light. Light emitted from the glass crystals takes on organic shapes, casting reflections upon the ground akin to bursts of fireworks. Chase and bask in the distinct lights in this radiant space.​​
A colossal hemisphere, reminiscent of Earth, beckons visitors to step inside. Emitting a montage of hues and lights akin to stained glass, it is an amalgamation of classical motifs from around the globe. Here, light and flora intertwine, creating a sensory experience.
Kaleido Diamond
Kaleido Diamond
Diamond-shaped objects, arranged along conduits, reveal an endless array of light patterns when gazed into, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope with infinite facets.
Nest of Dragon
Nest of Dragon
A light-dappled dry landscape inspired by Japan's use of subtle, profound expressions and margins in art. A mirrored hemisphere, resembling a central rock within rippling waters, reflects and expands the surrounding light into an infinite cosmic panorama. In the center, a resplendent lotus blooms, entwined with the image of a coiling dragon in the mirror.


An installation art collective creating spatial artworks of light and shadow. Comprised of a diverse range of members, including graphic designers, photographers, lighting technicians, blacksmiths, and plant artists, they endeavor to envelop spaces with light imbued with emotions of love and joy, reaching into the hearts of people transcending race, generation, and religious beliefs. They are engaged in various endeavors, presenting in luminous events, illuminations, and musical festivals.​
He founded MIRRORBOWLER in 2000 with the motto "Creating works that unite people in emotion, joy, and laughter across all boundaries." He continues illuminating the world as the originator of the luminous art style. In 2019, he collaborated with visually impaired individuals to create the "Egg Orchestra." In 2023, he left MIRRORBOWLER and established Nyaoon LLC. In 2024, he embarked on his ultimate quest for world peace through the Butterfly Orchestra (formerly the Egg Orchestra).